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Good strategy is good business.

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Normi Cubias Founder | Lia Studio

Ready to elevate your brand? At Lia, we understand that reaching the pinnacle requires a strong foundation.Explore how we empower businesses through our personalized strategic approach.


Normi Cubias

Founder | Brand Strategy

Lia Studio was born out of my desire to bring order to all my projects and to give the brand the opportunity to grow as a team. Normi is truly passionate about helping companies connect with their ideal clients through social media using a purposeful and planned approach.


Miguel Calderón

Brand Strategist and Digital Analytics

Specialized in innovative digital campaigns, SEO optimization, and brand development, Miguel mix creativity with data-driven precision to drive results.


Fernanda Albayeros

Strategic Designer and Visual Director

Fernanda blends design, aesthetics, and audiovisuals to make brands stand out in a saturated digital world. As a design and strategy expert, she is committed to taking your brand to new heights.


Brand Strategy, Identity & Branding,

Print, Digital & Web, Art Direction.


Aurora Castro

Relationship Marketing Consultant

As a consultant and coach for small and medium-sized companies, Aurora excels in developing marketing plans and strategies. Her focus on internal and corporate communication ensures cohesive and impactful messaging.

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Cecilia Villalobos

Customer Service Manager

Dedicated to exceeding expectations, Cecilia ensures that each customer receives personalized recommendations and VIP treatment, fostering a sense of value and appreciation.

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Ana Pimentel

Photographer and Strategic Designer

Ana is a Strategic Designer who thrives on turning ideas into reality, interpreting, adapting, and transforming environments with innovative solutions.


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